Hall Effect Sensors Sport Sealed, Modular Package

Sensata Technologies’ ACW4 single-turn and TCW4 multi-turn absolute Hall Effect sensors feature an over-molded, two-part modular construction that provides engineers with what their maker calls “exceptional design flexibility.” The sensing electronics are encased in a thermoplastic polyamide shell while the separate activating magnet is external to the sensor assembly.


The modular architecture results in package measuring 50-mm in diameter by a maximum 24-mm thick. The IP67-rated sensor sports an over-molded housing that completely encapsulates the electronics and seals the cable entry from exposure to the elements. This makes it viable for robotic, industrial, manufacturing, and material handling applications. Sensata also offers a variety of engineered magnet holder accessories.


A variety of output types are available to ensure that the ACW4 or TWC4 sensors can interface with the most common controllers. Unlike typical Hall effect sensors, which rely on a shaft to operate, there are no moving parts in contact with each other; eliminating any potential wear or misalignment. To learn more, peruse the ACW4 and TCW4 datasheets.

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