Hall-Effect Sensors Slash Design Costs

Hall-Effect Sensors Slash Design Costs
Honeywell Sensing and Control

Honeywell Sensing and Control’s SS360PT and SS460P high-sensitivity, latching Hall-Effect sensor ICs integrate pull-up resistors to simplify design chores while eliminating the need for external components and their related costs. The components specify a magnetic sensitivity of 30 Gauss typical at +25°C and 55 Gauss maximum over an operating range from -40°C to +125°C. They do not use chopper stabilization on the Hall element, promising a cleaner output and a faster latch response time compared to chopper-stabilized, high-sensitivity Hall-effect bipolar latching sensors. Operating voltage range is 3 to 24 Vdc. A data sheet is available at http://www.sensing.honeywell.com/honeywell-sensing-ss360pt-sss460p-high-sensitivity-latching-hall-effect-sensor-ics-product-sheet-009560-1-en.pdf.

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