Hall-Effect Sensor Trims Noise, Hoists Resolution

Hall-Effect Sensor Trims Noise, Hoists Resolution
Allegro MicroSystems

The A1366 factory-programmable linear Hall-effect current sensor promises to achieve low-noise performance with high accuracy and resolution via proprietary linearly interpolated temperature compensation technology that is programmed at the factory and provides sensitivity and offset that are virtually flat across the full operating temperature range. The sensor provides a voltage output that is proportional to the applied magnetic field. Sensitivity and quiescent (zero field) output voltage are factory programmed to enable an accuracy of less than ±1%, typical, over the full operating temperature range. Price for the A1366LK-T is $1.67 each/1,000. For more details and datasheets, visit http://www.allegromicro.com/en/Products/Current-Sensor-ICs/SIP-Package-Zero-To-Thousand-Amp-Sensor-ICs/A1366.aspx  

Allegro MicroSystems
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