Hackster Partners with Dragon Innovation to Help Makers Go To Market

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Advancements in open source hardware, do-it-yourself tools and crowdfunding have made it almost too easy to launch a hardware startup. And while some ideas beat the odds, most never make it past the initial prototyping or first funding round.

Hackster, the fastest growing community for hardware creation, and Dragon Innovation, the company that helps scores of hardware startups build products, want to change that. Together, Hackster and Dragon Innovation are going to help makers beat the odds and turn their ideas into successful businesses.

Taking the Hard out of Hardware

With Dragon Certified, inventors on Hackster can take the first step towards commercializing their products with detailed feedback from Dragon's world-class engineers. From mechanical teardown, to design for manufacture analysis, packaging considerations and general feedback, Dragon Certified is the insurance policy makers need as they transition from hobbyists to professionals.

"We are thrilled to help the Hackster community 'de-risk' their creations with a special starter offer on Dragon Certified," says Scott Miller, co-founder and CEO of Dragon Innovation.

Starting today, hardware visionaries everywhere can benefit from Dragon Certified directly from Hackster with an exclusive offer.

"Dragon Certified gives hardware makers the confidence they need to commercialize their products," says Adam Benzion, Hackster's co-founder. "We simply want to see more makers succeed."

To learn more, visit http://www.hackster.io/partners