H+K as exclusive rights for the "blue" ultrasonic sensors

Hoffmann + Krippner, Inc. announces that it has received the exclusive rights for the North American market to distribute the high-quality ultrasonic proximity sensor Series P44 and P47 by PIL Sensoren GmbH.

The P47 basic series with fixed analog or switching outputs and the P44 series with teach-in button and analog or switching outputs are also the first sensors sold in the newly designed online store.

“We are very excited,” says H+K CEO, Jens Kautzor, “to have this great opportunity to offer these well-established PIL products to our customers. The ‘blue’ ultrasonic proximity sensors have been sold in the US under different names for over 10 years. As previous distributors trimmed their portfolio, we were approached by PIL Sensoren GmbH to continue supplying this product to the US market more direct and under its real name.”

The P44 and P47 series provide high resolution, optimum precision, long detection ranges and are sealed up to IP67.

Mr. Kautzor also believes: “Due to supply chain optimization and closer contact to the manufacturer PIL Sensoren GmbH, we are very happy to be able to offer this product at a more competitive pricing level to our customers.”

To purchase the P44 and P47 series online, please visit the Hoffmann+Krippner Online Store or contact us at 770-487-1950 / [email protected]

Slim ultrasonic sensors by PIL

The M18-power-range ultrasonic sensors, part of the P43 series manufactured by the sensor specialist PIL, are characterized by their extremely high long range of 2m accompanied by a space-saving, cylindrical M18 design. They can be easily installed in confined spaces of often compact equipment and machinery. As comparable sensors are commonly equipped with a M30-housing almost twice as large, these ultrasonic sensors by PIL provide a clear advantage.

Implementation in environments with heavy contamination is not a problem – due to its long range, the sensors can simply be mounted outside of the critical area. M18-power-range ultrasonic sensors feature two independent switch points, which can be programmed comfortably via remote Teach-In. An echo-LED supports users in adjusting the sensor. Additionally, a version with analog output (0…10V or 4… 20mA) is available – the slope characteristic curve can be set based on the application.

For further information about ultrasonic sensors:
Call: 770-487-1950
Email: [email protected]
Visit: http://www.hoffmann-krippner.com


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