Gyros Relish Rugged Environments

Gyros Relish Rugged Environments

Tough enough to perform reliably in harsh environments, the QGYR330H MEMS gyroscopes are integrated, three-axis angular rate sensors with optional digital output based on the company’s patented Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) MEMS technology. They are manufactured using a versatile and scalable High Aspect-Ratio Poly and Single-crystalline Silicon (HARPSS) fabrication process, which allegedly enables a combination of robustness, performance, and size advantages over conventional MEMS tuning-fork gyroscopes. Samples of the QGYR330xx devices are available in a small LGA32 package that is RoHS and green compliant. Features include:

• Measured Linear Acceleration Sensitivity: 0.03 0/s/g
• Selectable full scale range: ±100°/s, ±5000°/s
• Outstanding linearity: 0.001% of FS
• Identical sensitivity on all 3 axes provides greater measurement accuracy
• Very low noise for precision applications: 0.03dps/√Hz
• Low bias drift
• On-board temperature sensor
• Built-in self-test
• 8.5 mm x 8.5 mm x 2.9 mm LGA32 package

Qualtré Inc.
Marlborough, MA
[email protected]

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