Gyrodata Introduces New Gyro-While-Drilling Tool

HOUSTON, TX -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Gyrodata is proud to introduce the commercial availability of its new Gyro-Guide GWD70 system. The system is the company's latest addition to its highly acclaimed Gyro-Guide Gyro-While-Drilling suite of tools. Launched at the 2011 SPE/IADC Drilling Conference and Exhibition held during the first week of March in Amsterdam this year, GWD70 represents a major step forward in accurate and reliable wellbore placement and drilling safety.

The system, which is either collar or probe based, allows for real-time surveys up to 70 degrees of inclination from vertical while drilling. The GWD70 system incorporates the new MXY rate-gyroscope, designed and developed in-house at Gyrodata's sensor facility in California, USA. The MXY is the first gyroscope designed and optimized specifically to meet the rigorous challenges of the oil field environment, and it is this new gyroscope that allows the GWD70 to provide such durable, reliable and highly accurate readings whilst incorporated in the drilling BHA, including many RSS applications.

When the GWD70 gyroscopic sensor is combined with the new CAP data processing firmware and a magnetic sensor, the client receives reliable wellbore placement with a second check providing data redundancy; thus detecting gross errors. In addition, through a new communications link, the system can now be instructed to run a memory multishot while tripping out of the hole all the way back to surface, providing verification of both the MWD and GWD performance and confirmation of the wellbore location prior to setting casing.

"Field trial performance has repeatedly proven the GWD70 to far exceed our most optimistic expectations. Utilizing this new technology, operators are assured of having the most accurate survey results available to them in real time," said Keith Beattie, Gyrodata's Global Product Champion, Gyro-Guide GWD. "The new GWD70 is a viable solution for faster, safer and more accurate real-time well bore placement, with all the advantages of gross error detection when run in conjunction with magnetic MWD sensors."

Field tests undertaken in North America and the North Sea have shown the tool to be more than ready for use by the industry. During these field tests, the GWD70 performed admirably under the harshest of conditions, providing the client with the accurate gyroscopic positioning information required.

About Gyrodata
Gyrodata has headquarters in Houston, Texas and engineering and manufacturing facilities in Houston and Westlake, California in the United States; and in Aberdeen, Barrow-in-Furness, and Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The company develops and deploys premium wellbore surveying and guidance systems and rotary steerable drilling services—with a central focus on providing safe drilling operations and increased recovery of oil and gas reserves through highly accurate wellbore placement.


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