Gyrodata Announces Milestone in New Wellbore Guidance

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Gyrodata Inc., a worldwide leader in high-precision wellbore placement services, announced the first milestone in a multi-year effort to develop a new range of wellbore guidance technology designed specifically for the harsh conditions encountered in the oil and gas industry.

Less than two years after opening its new navigation design center in Westlake, CA, the company has successfully deployed an enhanced guidance sensor offering an approximate ten-fold increase in shock capacity, with an overall performance enhancement of thirty percent. Extensive laboratory tests and field trials confirm the new ruggedized sensor's superior ability to maintain calibration and precision measurement in the high-shock downhole environment.

The new sensor is just the start of a major investment in the evolution of Gyrodata's gyroscopic guidance technology, which is utilized in the energy industry to survey and guide wells for placement in hydrocarbon reservoirs. The increasing complexity in the challenge to find and produce hydrocarbons has brought about the need for a new level of guidance system performance and reliability. Maximizing reservoir recovery from increasingly deeper and smaller horizons brings the accuracy of wellbore placement technology to the forefront of the challenges facing the industry.

Gyrodata is meeting that challenge by taking total control of guidance system design instead of relying on systems built mostly for aerospace applications. Gyrodata's new design team in Westlake, California, has extensive experience in the development of state-of-the-art inertial guidance systems. The Westlake facility houses a clean room with an array of calibration and testing equipment for the manufacture and repair of inertial sensors. Now that the team has channeled their expertise for the challenging wellbore environment, several more important developments are underway. In fact, the new enhanced sensor is integral to a broader whole-system development to be detailed in an upcoming news release.

About Gyrodata
Gyrodata is headquartered in Houston, TX, and has engineering and manufacturing facilities in Houston, Aberdeen and Cumbria, U.K., and now, in Westlake, CA. The company develops and deploys wellbore surveying and guidance systems and rotary steerable drilling services for high precision wellbore placement, plus additional applications in orientation and logging, all with a central focus on increasing the recovery of oil and gas reserves through technical innovation and precision.

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