“Gyro of Choice” for Automotive, Industrial, and Commercial Systems

Silicon Sensing Systems, a leading supplier of angular-rate sensors, has delivered its ten millionth third-generation Vibrating Structure Gyro.

Used primarily by automotive manufacturers for vehicle anti-skid braking systems, the silicon micro-machined MEMS VSG-3 is a solid-state angular-rate sensor that senses yaw rate in moving vehicles, and if they are not matched by driver inputs, uses the vehicle's dynamic control system to initiate corrective action and prevent skidding.

VSG motion sensors use a tiny vibrating silicon ring to sense angular velocity. Its small size, solid-state robustness, class-leading MEMS bias drift, and scale factor performance have made it the gyro of choice for automotive, industrial and commercial systems designers.

Vibrating structure gyroscopes were first developed during the nineties and have moved gyroscopes from the complex, individually tuned spinning wheel sensors used to guide rockets to mass-produced consumer technology.

In addition to its automotive applications, VSG rate sensors are used in a range of industrial and consumer applications, from mobile satellite TV antenna stabilization to model helicopter control and robotics.

Ian Longden, automotive and commercial business director of Silicon Sensing said, "Accurate angular rate sensing is now available and affordable in mass- produced consumer products. Our VSG-3 sales now top 3 million units per year, and we expect further growth in the future.

About Silicon Sensing
Silicon Sensing Limited, based at Plymouth, in south west England, is a development and manufacturing company with a global presence in the inertial sensing industry. Jointly owned by BAE Systems in the U.K. and Sumitomo Precision Products in Japan, the company was established in 1999.

Innovative MEMS gyro designs developed in the U.K. are fabricated in silicon MEMS at its facility in Japan. Now after six years in business, the company has established itself as one of the major players in the fast-growing market for automotive and commercial motion sensors.

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