Guided-Wave Radar Level Transmitter from ASI

Guided-Wave Radar Level Transmitter from ASI
ASI Instruments Inc.

The WaveTrak 5200 from ASI Instruments Inc., Houston, TX, is a guided-wave radar level transmitter for measuring bulk solids in challenging measurement applications. Features include a concentric waveguide; integrated graphic display; built-in linearization functions; and 4–20 mA, HART Fieldbus, and Modbus output options. The device can measure level for materials with bulk densities up to 50 lb./ft.3 and dielectric constants as low as 1.3, even in varying temperatures or pressures. The WT5200 operates at up to 1500 psi or 204°C.

Contact Info

Company: ASI Instruments Inc.
Phone number: 800-245-7056
Fax: 713-461-7348

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