Grupo Hemas Taps Savi Networks for Cargo Monitoring

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA and MANZANILLO, Mexico -- Grupo Hemas, a rapidly expanding Mexico-based logistics and security firm, has contracted with Savi Networks for its real-time intelligence service that automatically monitors the location, security and condition of shipments transported throughout the supply chain.

Leveraging wireless GPS location and existing cellular infrastructure, Grupo Hemas now can offer its customers the SaviTrak intelligence service, which enables the company to improve cargo tracking, operational efficiency, inventory management and the immediate detection of possible security breaches. SaviTrak also enables Grupo Hemas to immediately monitor and take action on changes in the status and condition of temperature-sensitive cargo, hazardous materials and agricultural products.

"We have turned to Savi Networks because its industry-leading service provides complete location, security and environmental visibility of cargo anywhere and anytime," said Hector Mora, chief executive officer of Grupo Hemas. "SaviTrak adds cost-effective intelligence to cargo entrusted to us by our diverse customer base."

"With logistics operations serving about 600 locations in Mexico alone, Grupo Hemas is a strategically important customer for Savi Networks because it is a major global trading partner," said Neil Smith, chief executive officer of Savi Networks. "We already have commercial and government customers throughout Asia, Europe, North and South America, and now our relationship with Grupo Hemas expands the SaviTrak intelligence service into Mexico."

Grupo Hemas will provide the SaviTrak service through its Hemaspheria security service, initially to customers doing business in Mexico and eventually for cross-border shipments to and from the United States, Canada and elsewhere worldwide.

About Grupo Hemas Grupo Hemas is a company offering innovative logistics solutions to a broad set of customers. Within its portfolio of solutions, Grupo Hemas offers a unique, one-of-a-kind service called Hemaspheria, which has been developed to satisfy the logistics and security needs of shippers transporting cargo throughout Mexico, USA, Canada, and the rest of the world. With Hemaspheria, you always know where your cargo is and its condition via our Command Center, which is staffed with highly trained specialists who interdict if an incident occurs while the cargo is in-route. The service is supported with advanced devices and a state-of-the-art technology platform, which provides unprecedented confidence to our customers.

About Savi Networks
Savi Networks was founded to improve the efficiency and security of global trade. SaviTrak is an intelligence service that utilizes reliable wireless shipment monitoring technology to provide shippers, logistics service providers, and terminal operators with easily accessible, precise and actionable information. Savi Networks is a joint venture between Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] and Hutchison Port Holdings.