Ground-Breaking Technologies Increase Battery Life, Decrease Component Count

SUNNYVALE, CA -- SiBreeze Technologies, developer of proprietary technologies for power management products, unveils SLIM SWITCHER and BEST (Battery Energy Saving Turbo) SWITCHER technologies .

Highlights of the technology include:
• 10X smaller inductor than other solutions running at the same switching frequency enabling thinner devices, significantly reduced thermals with 10X smaller inductor resistive losses and turbo fast response.
• Better than 4 phase response, efficiency and noise with a single inductor – Ultra small volume and reduced Bill of Materials.
• 5X bandwidth at same switching frequency - Efficient Dynamic Power-on-Demand.
• Reduced voltage swing enabling more efficient devices for increased Battery Life with up to 50% decreased losses.

"With over $5B addressable market, our technologies are beneficial to a wide range of applications ranging from harvesting energy from extremely small voltages in energy harvesting and Internet of Thing (IoT) to reducing energy wastage in Servers," said Sridhar Kotikalapoodi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SiBreeze Technologies. "In addition component form factor and thickness has been a major limiting factor with mobile devices and wearables." Kotikalapoodi explained, "With many power supplies, even in mobile devices, are now being implemented with more expensive multi-phase power supplies each requiring multiple large inductors" Kotikalapoodi continued, "even with this increased cost and size, battery life, thermals and power supply speed still remain a major concern," Kotikalapoodi added.

"With SiBreeze Technologies, one can now get Super-Efficient, Turbo Fast, Ultra Small Power Supplies all at once with significantly decreased cost," Kotikalapoodi noted. "It's the ultimate power experience for the end user."

SiBreeze Technologies
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