Grippers Eye Cost-Conscious Injection-Mold Apps

Grippers Eye Cost-Conscious Injection-Mold Apps

Expanding the 100 Series sprue grippers is the GR04.106 model with exceptionally soft and quickly replaceable HNBR elastomer pads on the inner jaws. Previously available with uncoated, inner-coated and completely coated jaws with 10-mm clamping diameters, the GR04.106 grippers have the same anodized aluminum alloy housings, but feature clip-mounted jaw pads. These facilitate quick removal and replacement and eliminate the downtime often associated with complete gripper replacement. The soft pads are elastic, low-marking, low-abrasion, wear-resistant, and free of both silicone and paint wetting impairment substances (PWIS). For more information, visit and  

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