Greenkote Receives Major Bosch Supplier Award

BROOK PARK, OH -- Greenkote PLC, provider of anti-corrosion metal coatings, announces that its Mexico division, Greenkote IPC, has received the Bosch North America Supplier Award 2014. At a gala ceremony in Mexico City, November 12, 2014, Bosch presented the award to 16 suppliers who have performed well in manufacturing and supplying products or services over the past two years — especially in quality, pricing, reliability, technology and continuous improvement.

"The Bosch Supplier Award goes to outstanding suppliers who play a key role in the Bosch Group's success and further growth of Bosch in North America," said Rene Schlegel, president of Robert Bosch Mexico.

Receiving the award were James Thomson, COO of Greenkote PLC, Brook Park, Ohio, and Jaime Camacho, General Manager of Greenkote IPC, Santa Rosa Jauregui, Mexico. "We are deeply honored to receive this important award from Bosch," said Mr. Thomson. "Jaime and all the people at our facility in Mexico work very hard to exceed every customer's expectations, so it is indeed gratifying when those efforts are recognized."

Greenkote IPC has been providing electro-deposition coating (e-coat) services for the Bosch facility in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The coatings add protection and corrosion resistance primarily for housings of automobile braking systems; and thus, quality is a critical factor.

In addition to its e-coating services, Greenkote PLC is also known as the inventor and global provider of Greenkote® zinc-based metal coatings. These proprietary coatings are applied to ferrous metals and alloys by a patented thermal diffusion process. Greenkote coatings block corrosion, increase wear resistance, eliminate hydrogen embrittlement and improve adhesion for paints and other topcoats. The Greenkote name derives from its eco-friendliness, since the process is completely free of acids, chromium, heavy metals and other hazardous materials, and it generates no toxic byproducts.

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