Green Laser Diode Handles Tougher Apps

Green Laser Diode
Elliot Scientific Ltd.

The latest member of Elliot Scientific's Lepton IV OEM laser family from Micro Laser Systems is a green laser geode capable of taking on more demanding applications. These include confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, fluorescence excitation, particle analysis, direct laser writing, and metrology. The component features a circular Gaussian beam at around 520 nm with high output stability, low power requirements, and a smaller package size when compared to typical Argon and diode pumped lasers. Output power is up to 40 mW and can be continuous wave, pulsed, or modulated. Notable, a low wave-front error enables focusing on to micron and sub-micron spots or the production of a large clean beam for illumination. For more information, contact Simon Weight at [email protected]

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