GREEN CREATIVE releases next generation DLC qualified T8 BYP LED tube with extra wide beam design

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- GREEN CREATIVE announces the launch of its T8 17.5W 4FT., T8 15W 4FT. and T8 9W 2FT. BYP LED tubes.

GREEN CREATIVE's new DesignLights Consortium qualified T8 BYP tubes combine a micro-designed driver and compact light engine to create an extra wide beam angle. The integrated driver is stored discreetly within the tube end cap to improve thermal performance and also eliminate dark spots. The result is uniform and seamless light from end to end.

Using an innovative coated glass body, these LED tubes diffuse heat and light more evenly and efficiently than plastic tubes. The redesigned compact light engine is more than 50% smaller than the previous generation and produces a light emitting area of 325 degrees. The wider beam angle and glass diffuser increase a fixture's total light distribution while replicating a traditional fluorescent tube lighting effect.

To make owning, operating, and maintaining these tubes easier, they are configured to run directly off line voltage (120-277V). This eliminates ballast related compatibility problems, lifetime issues, power loss, and maintenance costs.

"LED tubes that require bypassing the ballast are the best option for long-term energy efficiency and savings," says GREEN CREATIVE's Marketing Manager, Matt Leonard. "By removing the ballast, power consumption and cost of ownership are significantly reduced over the lifetime of the product."

Detailed information and data sheets are available at


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