Great Rock Acquires Pioneering Autonomous Robotics Company

TORONTO -- Great Rock Development Corp. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Cyberworks Robotics Inc., a pioneer in the autonomous robotics industry.

About Cyberworks Robotics

Cyberworks Robotics brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Great Rock as it is an established leader in the Automation Industry and has the technological reach to target several vertical markets.

These include, but are not limited to, automation of the industrial cleaning and wheel chair markets. The industrial cleaning market alone is the largest prospective industry for deployment of fully autonomous robots and is an area in which we believe Cyberworks Robotics has a dominant position having created the worlds first robotic cleaners that had international sales starting in the late 1980's. Additionally;

• In 1984 Cyberworks Robotics demonstrated the world's first autonomous robot which could navigate and work in unknown areas without any apriori teaching or map learning - it was the world's first truly autonomous mobile robot.

• Cyberworks Robotics developed the world's first robotically assisted electric scooter for the disabled in 1991 with then industry leader Everest & Jennings.

As part of the acquisition Great Rock is to issue 160,000,000 restricted common shares and 400,000 super voting shares to the shareholders of Cyberworks Robotics.

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