Graphene Platform and AzTrong Announce Alliance

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Graphene Platform, with headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan and research facilities at The Tokyo Institute of Technology in Yokohama, and AzTrong Inc., with headquarters located in Rockville, MD, and the R&D and manufacturing operations in the US and Taiwan, announce their alliance effective on January 5, 2016.

Both companies agree to take an initial step into the alliance from sales/marketing and distribution for several applications of graphene: heat spreaders, electrical heaters, capacitors, batteries, plastic composites, etc. At the same time, the companies will start with customized development of those applications to satisfy the needs of the customer. The companies will then take a further step in the alliance combining R&D and manufacturing.

The discussions for the alliance reached an agreement between Graphene Platform and AzTrong in December of 2015. Graphene Platform was represented by CEO, Mr. Shoji Hasegawa, while AzTrong was represented by CEO, Dr. Kuan-Tsae Huang. The two companies welcome the advancement of developing graphene and its applications.

The two companies estimate the accumulative sales revenue brought by the alliance will be hundreds of millions of US dollars by 2020.

"I have been so excited about this alliance which will significantly accelerate the market penetration in major graphene applications," said Mr. Hasegawa, CEO of Graphene Platform.

"This will be a win-win alliance between the two companies. Together, we can build a graphene eco system," said Dr. Kuan-Tsae Huang, CEO of AzTrong.

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