Grape Networks Deploys Agricultural Wireless Sensor Network

SAN RAMON, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Grape Networks announced that it has deployed the "world's largest wireless sensor network for agriculture" in the central valley of California. The network covers over 50 acres and consists of more than 200 sensors, all broadcasting critical vineyard data over the Internet. The data includes the exact location of the sensor modules, temperature, humidity, and light. Vineyard information on powdery mildew and degree days are standard. The sensor modules are mobile and are buried next to the wine-producing grape. The Vineyard Operations' Manger can view the data on any Web-enabled cellular phone or PC, and can also set the threshold values for alerts over the Internet or via Email.

According to Peter Tsepeleff, President of Grape Networks, "...vineyards and agriculture are the company's focus" ...but Grape Networks is all about connecting the limited world of the Internet to the real world. He went on to state "... that the Internet has not changed in twenty years. It is flashier, and people and companies have discovered the Internet, but it is still limited to the virtual world. Grape Networks brings an entire new realm to the Internet by connecting the real world to the virtual world."

Grape Networks has developed the Climate Genie, which uses the Internet, database management software, intelligent machines, low-power radios, and very small sensors (MEMS). With Grape Networks Climate Genie, vineyards can be monitored on a much finer level than even today's precision agriculture techniques. Grape Networks data from the sensor modules are summarized within the network and sent via Wi-Fi, Cellular, or satellite to the Internet and then to servers for viewing anywhere in the world via a Web browser.

About Grape Networks Inc.
Headquartered in San Ramon, CA, Grape Networks Inc. is a pioneer in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) service, deployment, and infrastructure. Its management team has extensive experience and expertise in the development of WSN technology. The company has partnerships with a number of the worlds' foremost authorities on wireless mesh sensor networks, platforms, applications, viticulture, and MEMS sensors. For more information, please visit the company's Web site or call Peter Tsepeleff at 925-830-1698.

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