Grant Instruments Acquires Assets, IP of Accsense

CAMBRIDGE, England--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Grant Instruments, a world-renowned supplier and manufacturer of own-brand scientific, life sciences and data acquisition products, has acquired the assets and intellectual property of California-based Accsense, Inc., a company that designs remote monitoring systems using self healing wireless mesh network technology.

The acquisition of Accsense Inc.'s remote monitoring technology, designs and hardware, will bolster Grant's successful data acquisition product portfolio. Manufacturing of the Accsense range will be transferred to Grant's ISO9001-certified facility near Cambridge, England. As part of the agreement, Matt Cheresh, a co-founder of Accsense, will work for Grant and continue to play an essential role in the sales, marketing and development of this product line.

Ludo Chapman, managing director of Grant Instruments, said: "We have been looking at wireless technology and Web-based remote monitoring systems for some time and believe that Accsense's innovative wireless mesh network solution is the perfect fit. Our plan is to introduce the Accsense range into Europe and the rest of the world later in the year.

"We are seeing increasing demand for wireless sensor solutions that are quick to deploy, easy-to-use and require no software installation or complex configuration. We believe that this product has great potential and complements our existing data acquisition range and will provide us with an opportunity to target new vertical market applications."

The Accsense self healing wireless mesh network solution measures a wide range of physical properties—almost anything that can be measured such as temperature, humidity, light, noise, vibration, wind speed, pH, pressure, flow, soil moisture, tank levels, gas concentration—and makes the real-time measurements available online via the world wide Web. Accsense's cost-effective, out-of-the-box solution has been successfully used in food processing plants, medical manufacturing facilities, laboratories, agricultural establishments, hospitals and across a number of industrial applications.

Matt Cheresh, a co-founder of Accsense said: "This is great news for our customers as the Grant global brand is synonymous with quality and the company has been manufacturing and selling instrumentation worldwide for over 50 years. We believe that the Accsense solution has great potential and in Grant's safe hands that potential can be fulfilled."

To support Accsense's existing customers in North America, a complete inventory of Accsense products, as well as technical support, will be provided through Grant's established North American master distributor, CAS Dataloggers, based in Chesterland, OH (USA). Detailed discussions with Accsense's extensive dealer network have already started.

Laszlo Zala, managing director, CAS Dataloggers, said: "We have been selling and supporting Grant's data logging range for over five years now and look forward to working alongside Accsense's existing dealer network to ensure a smooth supply line."

About Grant Instruments
Grant Instruments is an independent, privately-owned company that has been designing, manufacturing and distributing measurement and control systems for the past 50 years and has established a worldwide reputation for high quality, reliable and robust systems designed to satisfy the most demanding data collection requirements across industrial, scientific, R&D and environmental applications.

The Grant data acquisition product range extends from high specification, portable data logging systems (Squirrel family) through to fully integrated custom-configurable acquisition and control systems (dataTaker family), while Eltek, the Cambridge-based Grant affiliate, produces Squirrel variants primarily for remote logging. All products come with a 3 year warranty. OEM versions of most products are available on request.

For more information about the Accsense solution or any of Grant's wide range of data acquisition products, please visit the Grant Web site and Accsense's Web site. Alternatively, telephone +44 (0) 1763 260811 or email [email protected].

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