GPS Module from u-blox

GPS Module from u-blox
u-blox AG
The LEA-4T from u-blox AG, Thalwil, Switzerland, is a high-performance, low-power, precision timing GPS receiver capable of a compensated time-pulse accuracy of 15 ns. In Time Mode, the GPS receiver assumes a stationary position, enabling GPS timing with only 1 visible satellite and eliminating timing errors from positioning errors. Accuracy of the time pulse is as good as 50 ns rms, synchronized to GPS or UTC time. The 2-channel time mark and counter unit provide a globally synchronized time stamping and measuring functionality for applications such as seismic sensors or other applications requiring wide-area synchronization. The module can also output raw measurement data.

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Company: u-blox AG
Phone number: +41 44-722-74-44

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