GPS Compass Magnetometer Stays On Track

GPS Compass Magnetometer Stays On Track
Watson Industries Inc.

Promoted as a unique device for defining earth’s magnetic field, the GCM-360 compass magnetometer provides heading, GPS coordinates and sensor information. It includes an accurate triaxial fluxgate magnetometer, triaxial accelerometer, and a dual antenna GPS system that provides heading data even when not in motion. The unit outputs several data items including GPS true north heading, latitude, longitude, magnetic heading, X, Y, and Z axis magnetic field, declination (deviation), inclination (dip), magnetic vector magnitude, and magnetic field strength (N, E, V). An antenna spacing of 0.5m ±5mm is necessary. The "fore" antenna resides 0.5 meter ahead of the "aft" antenna on a line parallel to the x axis of the sensor package.

Watson Industries Inc.
Eau Claire, WI

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