GPS-Based Analytic Sportswear Targets Amateurs And Aspiring Pros

Catapult Sports launches PLAYERTEK, what it describes as the world’s first GPS-enabled, competition-grade performance analytics designed for various outdoor sub-elite sports teams and amateur soccer and football players. PLAYERTEK is based on Catapult’s technology platform used by more than 1,250 elite sports teams across 50 global markets.


The solution leverages Catapult’s unrivalled experience and revolutionary technology used at the elite level in a dedicated way for sub-elite and amateur teams and athletes, and at a cost-effective price point. The product allows athletes of various levels to monitor their own progress, compare themselves against teammates and professional players in their sport, as well as share their performance on social media, bringing competition to a more exciting level.

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PLAYERTEK is available in two versions: a team version, used by sub-elite football, lacrosse, soccer, women’s field hockey and other outdoor sports teams, and a consumer version, used by amateur competitive soccer and football players. Worn on the upper back and attached to a lightweight, fitted garment, the PLAYERTEK pod contains an advanced GPS and a series of smart sensors that wirelessly sync data to an iOS app on the user’s mobile device. In addition to the hardware wearable, the solution includes just-released analytics software available in both web and mobile app versions.


PLAYERTEK measures various physical performance metrics including distance, top speed, sprint distance, number of sprints, impacts, player’s power output, intensity, calories burned, and work load. The technology uses heat maps based on accurate positional GPS data to measure how a player’s positioning changes throughout the game, allowing players and coaches to better analyze players’ performance against the team’s wider strategy. PLAYERTEK also allows players and coaches to predict and optimize performance as well as reduce and minimize injuries.


PLAYERTEK is available for purchase at For more information, visit  

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