Goodix Expands U.S. Operations for Inventive Human Interface and Fingerprint Touch Sensing Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –Goodix is expanding its operations in the U.S. to better support the growing demand for its broad line of products and technologies that redefine how users interact with their mobile devices, improve data security and transform the mobile computing experience.

“We are excited about this opportunity to accelerate our strong momentum here in the world’s leading economy,” said David Zhang, David Zhang, founder and CEO of Goodix. “We will be able to work more closely with top companies to bring the latest Goodix technologies in fingerprint sensing and other mobile features to sophisticated mobile users. Our expanded U.S. presence begins in Silicon Valley and also Southern California, two of the most innovative regions in mobile computing technologies in the world. This expansion by Goodix will enable us to better support a growing pipeline of design wins for our fingerprint solutions and Human Interface Technology that make mobile phones, tablets, notebook computers, wearables and other mobile devices more secure and even easier to use and enjoy

Goodix plans to double the size of its marketing, sales and R&D operations in Silicon Valley and Southern California during the coming year. The added resources will help the company’s customers accelerate their development initiatives, many of which are based on Goodix’s world’s first under the cover fingerprint sensor technology (Invisible Fingerprint Sensor) that eliminates a separate fingerprint sensor module by integrating a sensor directly onto the back of a touch panel.

A leading technology provider of human interface and fingerprint authentication for biometrics, mobile payments and touchscreen markets, Goodix provides advanced, single-layer multi-touch and capacitance technologies that have helped consumer electronics manufacturers create interactive touchscreen experiences for hundreds of millions of mobile phone and tablet users worldwide. The company has introduced or contributed to numerous touchscreen innovations including 10-point touch, chip-on-board, single-layer multi-touch, and “Hotknot” technology, which transfers data through a capacitive touchscreen without NFC chips or antennas, passwords, account information searches, or other requirements – the mobile phones simply communicate screen-to-screen.

Goodix provides high-performance mobile fingerprint sensors, including a complete portfolio of undercover sensors, glass/sapphire cover button sensors and polymer coating button sensors. Goodix solutions include chips that use patented technology to enable secure fingerprint identification on mobile devices along with the ability to simultaneously wake up and unlock these devices with a single touch.

According to IHS Technology, the market for fingerprint sensors will grow fourfold to more than $1.7 billion by 2020. The firm reported that shipments of fingerprint-enabled handsets and tablets will reach 1.4 billion units by 2020, more than quadruple the 317 million units that were expected to be shipped by the end of 2014. The firm said in its 2014 Fingerprint Sensors – Handsets and Tablets Report that the fingerprint sensors market is also taking hold outside of Apple, as fingerprint authentication sets the stage for mobile payments.

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