Gold Coating Helps Gas Sensors Track Down Greenhouse Gasses

Gold Coating Helps Gas Sensors Track Down Greenhouse Gasses

The company combines two unique plating techniques to boost the performance of IR gas sensors and YAG lasers. Pairing a gold-plating technique developed for the space program’s YAG laser pump cavities with the manufacturing technique of electroforming dramatically increase the sensitivity of infrared gas analyzers and sensors. The process involves growing the gas cell around a highly polished mandrel or tool. The first layer that is electroplated onto this tool is a propriety ultrahigh infrared reflective gold (98 at 800 nm and 99 at 2 µm) achieved from a plating process known as LaserGold. This is followed by a somewhat heavier layer of pure nickel plating, which gives structural strength to the gas cell. At this point the mandrel is removed, leaving a stand-alone cylinder lined with an efficient infrared reflective surface.

Epner Technology Inc.
Brooklyn, NY
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