GlobeRanger Launches RFID Infrastructure Services

RICHARDSON, TX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GlobeRanger Corp., the pioneer in RFID enterprise edge solutions announced the launch of its new GlobeRanger Infrastructure Services (GIS) capability.

GlobeRanger's iMotion software platform is deployed across multiple industries throughout the world including retail, government, healthcare and 'perishables' supply chains. With the addition of the infrastructure services capability, GlobeRanger can now offer end-to-end, global and scalable RFID solutions to its customers. GlobeRanger is partnering with Winston Joseph to deliver these services. Winston Joseph has delivered infrastructure solutions to over 250,000 sites in over 80 countries worldwide.

"We are very pleased to have Winston Joseph as a partner," says George Brody, Chief Executive Officer and founder of GlobeRanger. "Their global footprint, ability to scale, and core program management expertise will be invaluable in helping GlobeRanger deliver a total single source RFID solution that can scale to meet the demands of the global enterprise."

"Winston Joseph's mission is to work seamlessly with our partners to help them deliver a superior product to their customers," said Joe Farrell, Chief Executive Officer of Winston Joseph. "Our business model enables our partners to tap into a powerful global infrastructure services organization that can deliver a quality product on time and on budget."

"GlobeRanger has put together the pieces to address one of RFID industry's biggest issues: the lack of single source solution providers," says Baldev Nair, VP Marketing and Product Management of GlobeRanger. "Our iMotion platform is increasingly being chosen as the RFID software platform of choice for production rollouts. GIS fills a void in the market for high-quality, predictable infrastructure services with a global reach. With GIS and our current hardware and solutions partnerships, we are in a position to provide customers with the single-source solutions they are looking for."

About GlobeRanger
GlobeRanger is a leading global provider of end-to-end enterprise edge solutions built around RFID and sensor technologies. Its innovative Edgeware platform, iMotion, provides the critical infrastructure layer for managing devices, networks, data and processes at the edge of the enterprise, enabling real-time visibility and response. GlobeRanger Infrastructure Services provides turnkey RFID solutions on the iMotion platform primarily in retail, government, and healthcare. Founded in 1999, GlobeRanger is headquartered in Richardson, TX.

About Winston Joseph
Winston Joseph is a global infrastructure services company providing services through its partnerships to over 80 countries worldwide. Winston Joseph has successfully deployed over 250,000 sites since its inception in 1991. Winston Joseph is headquartered in Raleigh, NC.

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