Global Industrial Supply Portal Launches Sensors Directory

Westborough, MA /SBWIRE/ --, a Web-based industrial supply marketplace with offices in Boston, MA, and Phoenix AZ, announced the launch of its new online Sensors Directory.

The directory includes offerings from manufacturers and distributors of sensors and other measuring and testing products primarily from, but not limited to, the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, India, China, Italy, and Germany.

The directory includes switch, dissolved oxygen, mass air flow, vehicle speed, wireless network, crank, electrochemical, laser displacement, environmental, heat, pressure, camshaft, displacement, automotive, magnetic field, crankshaft position, laser, ph, load, electronic, network, moisture, temperature, oxygen, sipha, torque, speed, ambient-light, motion, instrument sensing, parking, tilt, OEM, voltage, aerospace, medical, coolant temperature, garage door, high-temperature, alarm motion, reverse, humidity, ultrasonic, infrared, knock, flow, level, vibration, force, optical, driveway, and proximity sensors.

The new directory can be accessed online.

"Our new sensors directory has an extensive product selection suitable for a wide range of applications," says Mark Hamilton, business director of "The directory is an useful resource for companies with specific measuring, testing, and monitoring requirements."

He added, "All offerings in the directory have been approved by our editing team before being listed on the site. We only list manufacturers and suppliers of sensors that meet certain criteria, based on detailed information they provide us."

Other sensors recently added to the directory include backup, photoelectric, map, position, air velocity, gas, throttle position, bosch oxygen, reverse parking, mass air flow, water, camshaft position, color, wireless, current, fuel level, liquid level, light, hall effect, motion light, granatelli mass air flow, fiber-optic, magnetic, and capacitive sensors.

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