Global gas detection industry demands reliability and quality from gas detection suppliers, whilst innovation is the key differentiator in Europe

Honeywell Company City Technology has released the results of a global survey conducted over the last quarter of 2013 at major health and safety expo’s in the US, Europe and Asia.
The results show that quality is the most important attribute users demand from trusted safety suppliers with 30% of respondents stating it to be the most important attribute. Reliability was the second most valued (24% of respondents).

However, as a key regional variance, customers polled in Europe stated that innovation was the crucial differentiator - an attribute that scored much lower amongst American and Asian audiences. Innovation was determined by 26% of European respondents to be the most important attribute in assessing trusted safety suppliers.

The survey was conducted by City Technology at major Health and Safety and Oil and Gas events in the United States, Europe and China.* When asked about other important attributes that customers looked for from gas safety suppliers respondents cited partnership, expertise and transparency.

John Warburton City Technology’s Strategic Marketing Manager said: “We conducted these polls at major Health and Safety events around the globe and I think it gives a good insight into the industry’s increasing expectations from safety suppliers. The results are in line with what we at City Technology are experiencing. By partnering with our customers we have been able to deliver more innovative sensor designs focused on maximising quality. This ultimately ensures that our products are ready to be used across critical industries to keep people safe. In this global poll quality came out on top and we at City strive to deliver this every day.”
*City Technology carried out research at the National Safety Congress (NSC) in Chicago, U.S., 30 September– 2 October, 2013, the A+A Safety Show in Düsseldorf, Germany 5-8 Nov, 2013 and the SIPPE International Petroleum Petrochemical Natural Gas Technology Equipment Exhibition on 28-30 October 2013. Polling was conducted at the shows, surveying a total of 114 respondents from within the industry.

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