Global Demand to Skyrocket for IoT Devices -- Will Businesses Keep Up?

SEATTLE, WA -- Industries in every sector are expected to use data from Internet of Things (IoT) networks to develop more competitive strategies. This has driven predictions of surging demand for the devices and networks necessary to collect the critical data needed to make sound business decision in the modern markets.

According to the Semiconductor and Electronics journal's Aug 2016 issue "The IoT sensors market is expected to grow from USD 3.34 billion in 2015 to USD 38.41 billion by 2022." The article explains that the market is being driven by an "increase in demand for IoT sensors in various applications."

Sensoro Inc. today presented their vision of rapidly deployable IoT sensor networks at the IoT Tech Conference in Santa Clara. Sensoro has completed performance testing of their Alpha Product Suite -- their long-range low-power sensor network hardware -- in densely populated metropolitan areas. The global company, which began by providing large scale beacon marketing systems that require proximity management revealed their IoT network solutions at the IoT Tech Conference. A spokesperson for Sensoro shared the company's vision for large, robust IoT sensor networks that are easily deployed and simple to manage and scale:

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