GLGT Grants Exclusive License to Startanja

HENDERSON, NV /Marketwire/ -- Global General Technologies Inc. (GLGT) announced that the company has signed an exclusive license agreement with Startanja GmbH of Hamburg, Germany, for GLGT'S entire portfolio of proprietary and patented technologies.

According to the exclusive license agreement, Startanja will produce and market GLGT's security solutions, using GLGT's Hong Kong production facilities, including, but not limited to, the Silent Soldier technology, which leverages its object tracking and intelligent video software to determine the viability of a threat, based on predetermined criteria. In connection with its 360 degrees of view, Silent Soldier's long-range capability enables ease of observation in the determination of a qualified activity.

GLGT is a security solutions provider in the areas of homeland security and personal safety through patented and proprietary radio-frequency identification (RFID)– and Global Positioning System (GPS)–based technologies.

The agreement provides for revenues to GLGT of $12.5 million over the term of the contract for licensing and the potential for an additional $1.5 million in revenues generated by cost-sharing of GLGT's manufacturing facilities.

Joe Petter, President of GLGT, said, "Bringing this technology to Startanja provides a strong European base for our portfolio of products and services and will enable our Emergency Response Information Network (ERIN) to be distributed within Europe." Mr. Petter further noted, "This is just the start of our relationship with Startanja, and we look forward to the opportunity to grow with their technology base in partnership with Global General."

Lambert Ostheim, Officer of Acquisitions for Startanja, added: "Startanja is most pleased to have acquired Global's technologies, and we look forward with great anticipation to integrating their products within our offerings. We are expending great efforts to fortify our technology; this acquisition is a substantial effort toward reaching our goals."

The Silent Soldier Project
The company continues to build on its business plan of introducing its perimeter defense security offering, known as the Silent Soldier, to the global security marketplace. With commercial interest emanating from India and China, the Silent Soldier product is one of the most advanced early warning intelligent surveillance systems currently available. The Silent Soldier offers the "earliest" intelligence and early-warning surveillance systems for long-range incursions that enable rapid responses in the prevention of terrorist attacks.

GLGT's next-generation solution is designed to maximize intelligent communications, resource sharing, threat determination, sensor detection, and mission planning for high-value locations with definitive perimeters, such as refineries, oil pipelines, nuclear power plants, electric power plants, marine terminals, storage tank farms, and harbor facilities. The systems may be remotely operated on a manual basis via a secure Web-based interface, which adds an additional layer of safety.

The company is very encouraged by the high level of interest expressed in the Silent Soldier by a number of private companies and public national agencies. Global General Technologies is in the process of scheduling more follow-on meetings with potential clients.

The ERIN Project
ERIN is a secured private network that allows the creation of a structured, rules-based family or individual profiles and portable health records, and in an emergency, it facilitates communication between the subscriber and emergency medical, law enforcement, and other agencies.

ERIN provides critical medical information to first responders in the event of an emergency, a lost or missing child, Alzheimer's patients, autistic children, natural disaster, or others at risk.

ERIN uses a proprietary portable RFID and USB convergent device to deliver emergency medical information for immediate relay of identification, medical records. and emergency contacts with or without a handheld scanner or reader.

Upgraded functionality will bring ERIN 4.0 fully HIPAA-compliant by first quarter 2009 and includes text messaging medication reminders and physician level access to reflect changes in medications, potential conflicts, and contra indications.

About GLGT
Global General Technologies Inc. (GLGT), a leading developer of patented RFID solutions for security, identification, healthcare, and asset tracking applications, with partnerships and strategic alliances worldwide, is a global leader for scalable, proprietary RFID-, GPS-, and biometric-based security products and services. The company provides security, asset protection, and healthcare solutions through the use of RFID, GPS and biometric patented applications. Global General is developing an innovative perimeter defense security system known as the Silent Soldier to be introduced into the intelligent video surveillance market, offering a unique approach of totally integrating an intelligent communications solution. Silent Soldier offers a high-quality, durable, intelligent surveillance system for perimeter defense security that uses video, sound, seismic and thermal sensors, and satellite technology with all components integrated through the proprietary intelligent communication node technology, providing a real-time intelligent command and control system.

About Startanja
Startanja GmbH is a diversified holding company, targeting developing and undervalued technologies or businesses and assets with massive potential for return and increased shareholder value. Operating in two principal industries through its security and medical data delivery divisions, the company's primary goal is to continue to develop its diversified operations while acquiring further asset-based companies that are either generating revenues or have proven assets with the potential for large profit margins. The company intends to position itself as a major participant across many markets, both domestic and foreign, as a global participant across its primary industries.

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