Glass-Encapsulated Thermistors Tout Long-Term Stability and Reliability

Glass-Encapsulated Thermistors Tout Long-Term Stability and Reliability

The DG series glass-encapsulated thermistors promise long-term stability and reliability for high-accuracy temperature sensing in automotive and industrial applications. Hermetically sealed, the devices eliminate errors in resistance readings due to moisture penetration while offering high operating temperatures and a compact size with a 1.5-mm diameter. Operating temperature range is from -55°C to +200°C with four resistance values available at 25°C: 10 kΩ, 40 kΩ, 50 kΩ, and 100 kΩ. Other features include tolerances down to ±2 %, a dissipation constant of 3.0 mW/°C, thermal time constant of 6s,TCRs of -3.9%/°C, -4.40%/°C, and -4.75%/°C, beta values of 3500°K, 3950°K, and 4200°K, and 32 AWG dumet wire leads. Volume pricing starts at $0.41 per piece. For more details, go to  

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