Giving The Finger As Fast As Lightning

It goes without saying that few things move faster than lightning, hence the phrase, “fast as lightning”. But in reality, can a finger unlock a cell phone as fast as lightning? According to the makers of the OPPO F1 Plus cell phone, it can unlock in 0.2 seconds.

In an experiment, a technician released lightning by means of a Tesla coil while triggering the power switch on the phone via its fingerprint membrane. Results indicate that lightning and the unlocking of the OPPO F1 Plus happen almost simultaneously.

This ultra-fast fingerprint unlocking is the result of the phone’s its recognition system that exhibits adaptive, self-learning, and dynamic matching abilities. OPPO F1 Plus can adapt to various states of the user fingers. Dry or wet fingers can smoothly unlock the unit.

Under certain conditions, the system will automatically learn, and constantly improve fingerprint information of repetitive users, thus decreasing false acceptance and false rejection rates. Additionally, the system database template image sequence will dynamically adjust according to the habits of the users.

The OPPO F1 Plus can also fingerprint-encrypt software and folders in the "fingerprint and password" or "mobile phone manager" functions. It hides users' personal fingerprint information in the chip Trust Zone area, resulting in more assured chip level protection.

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