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Click for larger image, Lockbourne, OH, offers four new Gigabit networking products. The ETCHS2U 20-slot, 2U rackmount media converter chassis is compatible with the company's ET Series 2 media converters and features a built-in 200 W power supply. The ET1110PSE open-SFP Gigabit Ethernet fiber media converter creates an Ethernet-fiber link while acting as a power sourcing equipment (PSE) device and its open-SFP slot design lets you install your SFP of choice. The PEX1000SFP PCI-Express-based Gigabit fiber network card lets you connect a PC to a fiber network using the Gigabit SFP of choice. The ST2000PEXPSE dual-port Gigabit network card adds two PSE-capable power-over-Ethernet Gigabit ports to a PC through a PCI Express expansion slot.

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