Get Ready For The Market’s Most Powerful String Inverter

Sungrow unveiled the SG250HX, a 1.5 kVdc, 250kW string inverter, deemed the world's most powerful string inverter. Maximum efficiency is 99%. 

The inverter is compatible with bi-facial modules, offering a higher yield. The system features 12 MPPTs and a flexible block design allowing for up to 6.3 MW blocks, making it a desirable solution for hilly utility-scale applications. 

With an ingress protection level of IP66 and an anti-corrosion grade of C5, the compact inverter is resilient in harsh conditions like desert and coastal areas. With smart forced air-cooling technology, the SG250HX can operate without derating at extremely high temperatures.  

The system also includes a fault diagnostic and IV-curve scan function, making it easier for operation and maintenance. Embedded anti-PID function will lead to much less module degradation. Also, the improved Power Line Communication (PLC) will decrease installation costs without excessive communication wiring. For more info, visit Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd.


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