Gentex And Tung Thih Electronic Making ADAS Inroads

BOSTON, MA -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- In the latest Insight report, Recent ADAS Trends Provide Pointers To The Future, the Automotive Electronics Service (AES) at Strategy Analytics predicts increasing competition in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). Based upon an analysis of Strategy Analytics' ADAS Supply & Fitment Database, the report details how camera systems continue to add greater functionality and feature further integration of components.

Cases used to illustrate increasing competition include the Gentex front windshield camera to be offered by the 2013 Ford Explorer and the park assist ultrasonic sensor supply contract awarded by General Motors to the Taiwanese supplier, Tung Thih Electronic (TTE).

The new Nissan Altima sedan offers a back-up camera that illustrates increased functionality, to include lane departure warning and blind spot detection, while the new Denso front windshield camera illustrates the integration of components that enabled a 50 percent reduction in size over its predecessor.

Kevin Mak, analyst in the Automotive Electronics Service (AES), said, "Given the rapidity of Gentex's development, with TTE winning a major order and its ambition to extend its offerings to include automated park assist and blind spot detection, these last few months will serve as a wake-up call to vendors already in the ADAS area to maintain their pace of development and remain competitive, and to new vendors that have yet decided to enter the ADAS area."

Ian Riches, Director of the Automotive Electronics Service (AES), added: "ADAS technologies are a strong growth area. By 2019, the market for these systems will be worth around $15 billion to suppliers."

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