Gentag Uses Near-Field Communications to Read RFID Sensors

WASHINGTON /PRNewswire/ -- Gentag Inc. is pleased to announce the issuance of Patent 7,148,803 entitled "Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Based Sensor Networks."

This broad patent covers the uses of personal wireless devices, such as cell phones, PDAs, and laptops, as low-cost wireless readers for RFID sensors and the creation of RFID-sensor networks for consumer, industrial, and government applications. This patent provides the basis for the creation of the next generation of wireless technology, combining low-cost wireless readers in the hands of the consumers, wireless networks, geolocation, and disposable wireless sensors for various market applications. The emergence of near-field communications (NFC) will accelerate the availability of RFID cell phones, thereby accentuating the importance of the patent.

Low-cost disposable RFID sensors are now possible with Gentag's single-point-calibration temperature-reference circuit. RFID-reader-enabled cell phones are currently either already available or under development by major cell phone manufacturers worldwide for both the 13.56 and UHF (Gen-2) frequencies. Some market forecasts predict that up to one out of two phones in the future will be RFID reader-enabled.

By combining RFID cell phones and RFID sensors with cellular networks or the Internet, the consumer will be empowered to read any RFID sensor tag anywhere for almost any application. Examples include using an RFID cell phone to read the storage history of a wine bottle prior to purchase, to ensure that a drug interaction is unlikely to occur for an individual prior to taking a given medication, or to remotely monitor or control an RFID-networked device in a home using a cell phone or a laptop.

A particular focus area for Gentag is to combine RFID cell phones with RFID sensors for specialized diagnostic applications. Under existing Gentag patents, RFID sensors can be integrated into low-cost, disposable diagnostic devices, such as smart disposable wireless skin patches or personal drug- delivery systems and read directly with a cell phone.

Patent 7,148,803 is co-owned between Altivera, LLC, a Gentag operated company, and Symbol Technologies (Motorola). Gentag and Symbol each have independent assignment rights. For licensing opportunities, please contact Dr. John Peeters at 240-994-2236 or [email protected]. For more information, visit Gentag's Web site.

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