GeneralTouch PIT C and C+ Series Touchscreens Revolutionize IR Touch Technology for the Commercial Market

CHENGDU, China – GeneralTouch introduces the all-new PIT C and C+ multi-touchscreen designs for its proprietary Projected Infrared Touch (PIT) technology.

PIT technology was Windows 8 certified in 2012. Compared to traditional IR touch, PIT has dramatically reduced the bezel width and pre-touch height with its unique construction. To date, GeneralTouch has delivered hundreds of thousands of PIT touchscreens to major PC manufacturers. And now with the PIT C and C+ series, GeneralTouch is ready to expand into the commercial market. The PIT C design can support up to 84" multi-touchscreens, whereas the PIT C+ design, featuring an even slimmer bezel, can support up to 46"

What makes the C and C+ series desirable is the simplicity, the slimness and sleekness of the front bezel. Traditionally, IR touchscreens require an additional frame to house and fix the touch sensor strips and to connect the whole frame with the back cover. With the C and C+ series, the strips containing the refracting diodes are made of aluminum alloy with screw holes on the rear side which are used to attach the aluminum strips to the back cover directly, doing away with the housing frame completely. The surfaces of these aluminum strips have been duly polished to make them worthy in becoming the front bezel of a touch display. This outstanding feature has simplified product design and reduced unit cost without compromising the overall aesthetics and won much praise from the customers. "PIT C+ touchscreen makes our products performance and appearance much better than competitors' while cutting down our product costs and designing workload sharply," said by one of our clients from southern of China.
"It's the best commercial touchscreen currently," he added.

The bezel dimensions of the PIT C+ are much thinner than other infrared touchscreens, with a narrow width of 9mm and a low depth of 3.9mm. As the PIT C employs larger infrared diodes than C+ for larger formats up to 84", the dimensions of PIT C bezel are slightly larger with a width of 11.5mm and a depth of 5mm. Nevertheless, it is still slimmer than other IR touch. Together with the super low pre-touch height of 1mm, which is only possible in PIT where IR touch is concerned, the ultra-slim PIT C and C+ series is set to dominate the IR touch market in terms of performance and appearance.

IR touch in general is known to be beset by ambient light with its arrays of diodes lining the front outer edges of a display. However, the diodes in PIT C and C+ series are hidden below the outer edges of the glass pane relying on light guide prisms to refract the light onto the glass surface. Thus, it significantly minimizes the invasion of ambient light directly onto the diodes. Together with the tight construction of the aluminum strips, the low depth of the bezel has also reduced the gaps for light to enter into the PIT diode housing.
Hence, PIT C and C+ series have almost eliminated ambient light and are fit for outdoor applications. Moreover, the sealing of PIT C can achieve IP54 and C+ series can achieve IP65.

Proprietary touch technology, certified with Windows 8, all-new design mini-bezel construction, easy integration with LCD panel, excellent touch performance and high environmental adaptability make the PIT C and C+ series a great choice for commercial touch applications.

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