General Purpose Industrial Pressure Transmitters Are Versatile And Rugged

General Purpose Industrial Pressure Transmitters Are Versatile And Rugged

The Viatran Model 24A/34A Series general purpose industrial pressure transmitters are designed for optimal application versatility and reliability. Their rugged construction features all stainless steel housings and wetted parts for high resistance to humidity and corrosion. Users can choose from 34 standard ranges with available selections between 3 and 5000 psi (0.2 and 345 bar), along with choices of gage, sealed gage, absolute and vacuum pressure types. Model 24A Series pressure transmitters feature a 0- to 5-Vdc outputs while the Model 34A series features a 4-mA to 20-mA output. A nonlinearity specification of ≤±0.25% is standard, with optional improvement to ±0.15% or ±0.10% (BFSL). Choices of electrical connectors include a weather-resistant industry standard DIN 43650 connector, a 6-pin Bendix connector, a direct coupled cable, and others. Isolated shunt calibration, extended temperature performance and zero adjustment are also optional. Datasheets are available at:

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