GE Sensors Help Control Ventilation in Schools

BILLERICA, MA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, is helping schools control their ventilation and outdoor air supply.

"Maintaining proper air quality in schools is an important part of maintaining a comfortable, healthy, productive environment for students and faculty," said Rod Valenta, General Manager of GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies' Telaire division.

The business launched a Web page to educate interested parties in the effects of ventilation in educational facilities. The page includes studies showing the negative impacts of too little ventilation, an expected savings calculator, and potential rebates.

"We have installed approximately 5000 of GE's Telaire CO2 sensors in schools," said Chris Hill, of Cohesive Automation Inc. "Our customers are most happy with the performance, accuracy, and reliability of these CO2 sensors."

Improper ventilation can have a negative impact on student health and performance, increase the risk of litigation, and waste energy. Measuring and controlling ventilation with GE's Telaire CO2 sensors helps ensure proper indoor air quality; saves energy usage, when compared with the alternative fixed-ventilation approach; reduces absenteeism, which can increase funding for some K-12 school districts; and reduces risk because compliance to codes and standards are measured and ensured.

About GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies
GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies is part of GE Enterprise Solutions, a $5 billion business helping customers compete and win in a changing global environment by combining the power of GE's unique expertise and intelligent technology to drive customers' productivity and profitability. GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies is a leading innovator in advanced measurement, sensor-based, and inspection solutions that deliver accuracy, productivity, and safety to its customers. The company designs and manufactures sensing instruments that measure temperature, pressure, moisture, gas, and flow rate for demanding customer applications. It also designs, manufactures, and services inspection equipment, including radiographic, ultrasonic, remote visual, and eddy current, that monitors and tests materials without disassembly, deforming, or damaging them. GE Sensing & Inspection's products are used in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, power generation, aerospace, transportation, and healthcare. The company has 4700 employees at more than 40 facilities in 25 countries worldwide.

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