GDTs Expand Surface, Lose Weight

Expanding its line of FLAT gas discharge tube (GDT) surge arrestors, Bourns offers the Model 2018 three-electrode device that delivers a low profile solution for high density and height-restricted PCB-based applications. The added series is also lighter in weight with a 50% height reduction compared to the company’s standard 8-mm GDTs. The Model 2018 is an ITU K.12 Class III device rated at 20 kA on an 8/20-µs waveform. The series is offered with dc breakdown voltages ranging from 90V to 500V.


As a pricing reference, the Model 2018 Series is priced at $0.98 each/100 piece quantities. Additional specifications are available as well as a datasheet. For further info, contact Bourns Inc., Riverside, CA. 951-784-3100 or 951-781-5500


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