GDC 2014: SMI Powers Sony's PS4 Eye Tracking Demo

TELTOW, Germany and SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- At GDC 2014, Sony demoed a special version of their "Infamous: Second Son" PS4 game using eye tracking technology developed by SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) of Germany, a world leader in eye and gaze tracking for over 20 years. With the contact free SMI RED-oem eye tracking technology, players can naturally and smoothly interact to employ eye gaze as an aiming, panning and selection mechanism. "Infamous" is the first gaze controlled game developed by the Sony Magic Lab innovation hub. The Lab has already given birth to the PlayStation Move Motion Controller, the EyeToy camera and most recently the DualShock 4 Controller. In November last year Sony Magic Lab announced that they are working on new gaze interaction concepts for PS4.

Watch a live demo of "Infamous: Second Son" at GDC 2014:  

SMI's flexible RED-oem platform and powerful Software Development Kit (SDK) allows enterprise customers and OEMs to easily integrate remote eye tracking into their own applications and products. The RED-oem eye tracker provides accurate gaze, pupil and position information over a large range of head movement for the game players.

In January, SMI already revealed the next generation of eye control technology for OEMs, for games and consumer applications. The SMI RED-n eye tracking platform delivers unprecedented robustness and accuracy for monitor sizes up to 28", and free head movements in a range more than four times larger compared to the current market available technology. With dramatically reduced thickness, the RED-n hardware components can be integrated into almost any device such as tablets, laptops and monitors or can been used as an externally attached eye tracking accessory.

Christian Villwock, Director of SMI´s OEM Solutions Business: "It's exciting to see SMI eye tracking used in the Infamous: Second Son PS4 game and how natural it feels for the gamer. We are proud that global players like Sony rely on our long-term experience in eye tracking technology. We have listened to their requirements over the past couple of years and our next generation platform, the RED-n, outperforms earlier eye tracking solutions in all relevant dimensions while meeting mass market cost and form factor need."

Learn more about SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) at
Contact SMI: Stefanie Gehrke, Marcom Manager, [email protected], +49(0)172-3808-537

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