Gate-Drive Transformers Take On Demanding Battery Management Chores

TT Electronics’ HA42A and HA86A Series gate drive transformers are groomed for the automotive and industrial markets. They easily squeeze into space-constrained scenarios to deliver controlling pulses while isolating the MOSFET and the controlling drive circuit. Reportedly, they provide significantly reduced turn-on and turn-off delay time. The HA86A design boasts higher current capability and lower temperature rise performance, a desirable option for free-scale HV/EV Battery Management Systems.


Made of a toroid core ferrite material, the HA42A and HA86A boast roll-off inductance characteristics that maintain high efficiency without affecting temperature. AEC-Q200 certification and RoHS compliance meet the performance and reliability requirements demanded by today’s automotive applications.  For further information, peruse the HA42A datasheet and the HA86A datasheet.


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