Gas/Fluid Counter Is Self-Powered And Fraud Proof

Gas/Fluid Counter Is Self-Powered And Fraud Proof

The company’s self-powered counter (SPC) carries ATEX certification and promises class-leading shock and vibration resistance. Importantly, the component is resistant to fraudulent tampering. Measuring the rate or volume of gas/fluid flow is obviously essential for utility companies to determine how much gas or water has been consumed and thus determine billing information. In contrast with devices that have stopped due to battery failure or battery removal, the SPC continues counting. The compact unit measures 38 mm in diameter. It employs pulse-wire technology whereby kinetic energy is generated by a moving fluid to provide electrical pulses. Other features include a non-volatile FRAM memory, strong shielding magnets to prevent fraud, and each SPC can be configured according to customer communication protocol preferences including, NAMUR, UART, M BUS, I²C or wireless.

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