Gas Detector Module from Axetris

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Axetris AG

The LGD F200 laser gas detector module from Axetris AG, Kaegiswil, Switzerland, uses tunable diode laser spectroscopy and is suited for use in monitoring the ammonia concentration in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) applications such as power plants and stationary and marine engines. The OEM module can accurately measure concentrations from well below 1 ppm to 1000 ppm and features high sensitivity/selectivity, contactless hot wet measurement, continuous digital sensor status, and diagnostic monitoring. The module includes a low-volume nonreactive flow-through sample cell heated to 190°C. Moisture measurement and compensation takes into account variations in gas-phase water present in the sample. (In the U.S.: 855-534-7837, [email protected])

Contact Info

Company: Axetris AG
Country: Switzerland
Phone number: +41 41-662-76-76

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