Gas Detection System from General Monitors

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General Monitors

The Second Sight TC remote gas detection system from General Monitors, Lake Forest, CA, uses high-resolution IR imaging to detect combustible and toxic gases in petrochemical production, refining, storage, and distribution operations. Developed by Bertin Technologies, the system uses a long-wave IR camera with an 8–14 µm spectral range to create a gross leak detector that can simultaneously detect up to 4 different gases (methane, butane, propylene, and propane). It has a 30° FOV standard and a max. detection range of 2 km for continuous monitoring of critical areas. Gas cloud imaging lets you supervise large areas, identify the gas species when leaks occur, and see gas dilution in the atmosphere in real time. The system can also be integrated into fire and gas panels through Ethernet and Modbus TCP/IP. (800-330-9161, fax 949-581-1151, [email protected],

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Company: General Monitors
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-330-9161
Fax: 949-581-1151

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