Gas Detection System from General Monitors

Gas Detection System from General Monitors
General Monitors

General Monitors, Lake Forest, CA, offers an integrated ultrasonic gas leak detection system that couples the company's Gassonic gas leak detectors with its MC600 six-channel modular controller. The leak detectors respond to the ultrasonic noise generated by escaping gas at pressures of 145 psi min. for max. coverage of 5–20 m radius and use a SS microphone to measure the sound pressure level (SPL) in the ultrasonic range; integrated acoustic self-test periodically verifies the sensor's operation. The controller connects with up to 6 Gassonic detectors and displays the SPL as well as alarm, warning, and time-delay settings for each device. Applications include process safety monitoring for oil and gas production, refining, storage facilities, compressor stations, and distribution facilities.

Contact Info

Company: General Monitors
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-330-9161
Fax: 949-581-1151

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