Gas-Damped Auto Crash Sensor Eliminates Irrelevant Frequency Content

Gas-Damped Auto Crash Sensor Eliminates Irrelevant Frequency Content
Meggitt Sensing Systems

The Endevco model 7264H optimally gas-damped accelerometer for automotive safety testing eliminates irrelevant frequency content generated by breaking glass and metal-to-metal impact. Unlike fluid-damped sensors, it allegedly performs consistently over temperatures ranging from -18°C to +66°C (0°F to +150°F). Employing a MEMS design, the 7264H has a much wider frequency measurement range compared to conventional fluid-damped sensors. The accelerometer approaches the 0.7 of critical damping, which is reportedly ideal for dynamic testing. Features include a frequency response flat from dc to 3.5 kHz, full scale range of 1 kg, 0.5 to 0.85 damping ratio, and a 10 kg shock capacity. For more information, visit  

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