Gas Analyzer Sets Up In IVF Labs

The VIASENSOR G100 gas analyzer from Q.E.D. Environmental Systems is designed for measuring incubator carbon dioxide levels in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryology applications. The unit is said to be an accurate, easy to calibrate handheld digital instrument that helps ensure the success of the delicate embryo incubating process, in which monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2) and/or oxygen (O2) levels, temperature, and humidity is essential for ensuring the optimal conditions required for incubating embryos.


With built-in moisture removal, the system provides accurate, quick, and easy CO2, O2, temperature, and relative humidity readings with one device. This enables embryologists, stem cell researchers, and laboratory technicians to quickly verify and validate gas levels. They can then adjust the environment for greater stability to protect the embryos within the incubator from damage. The G100 is a simple digital alternative to using a chemical based gas measurement device. It features data storage for 1,000 readings, download capabilities, a large backlit display, and a long battery life. For more data, visit Q.E.D Environmental Systems, Inc.

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