GaN Systems to demonstrate wireless power transfer and a broad range of commercial power modules

OTTAWA, Ontario --- At the 2017 Electronica Shanghai Exposition in Shanghai, China, visitors will see state-of-the-art gallium nitride (GaN) transistors in action. From March 14-16, in Booth #E4.4212, GaN Systems will conduct live demonstrations of commercial systems that use GaN transistors in a variety of wireless charging and power module applications. This must-see event will also showcase customer-built, commercial systems that use GaN transistors to power a diverse range applications, including DC/DC converters, energy storage systems, EV traction inverters, and more.

New systems enabled by GaN transistors demonstrated include:

• A wide range of high power modules using GaN Systems’ world-leading GaN transistors, from Sharp, Hivron and Semi-Powerex. These modules use state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to deliver best-in-class GaN electrical and thermal performance. Included will be half-bridge modules with and without drivers, as well as full-bridge modules.
• A 12 kW Stop-Start Generator for 48 V hybrids from EGTRONICS, 5x smaller and 12% more efficient than generators made with silicon transistors.
• A best-in-class, 70 W AirFuel-compliant wireless transmitting platform from Gill Electronics capable of charging multiple phones, pads, and laptops, that is scalable and adaptable for use in toolboxes, factory robots and more.

In addition to these demonstrations, visitors will see newly commercialized GaN transistor-powered devices, including:
• Demonstration boards from some of our leading semiconductor partners – Analog Devices, Linear Technology and Peregrine Semiconductor
• A 3-phase motor controller that operates at optimal efficiency
• A universal motherboard and daughterboard platform for easily evaluating GaN transistor performance in any half-bridge-based topology
• A highly efficient, 3 kW PFC reference design and full documentation for GaN Systems' GS66516T transistors
• GaN-based motor drives for various applications ranging from 1.5 kW to 30 kW

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