GaN FET Power Stages Handle 10 kW

Texas Instruments’ latest portfolio of ready-to-use, 600V gallium nitride (GaN), 50-mΩ and 70-mΩ power stages support applications up to 10 kW. According to the company, the LMG341x family enables smaller, more efficient and higher-performing designs compared to silicon field-effect transistors (FETs) in ac/dc power supplies, robotics, renewable energy, grid infrastructure, telecom, and personal electronics applications.


The devices provide an alternative to traditional cascade and stand-alone GaN FETs by integrating functional and protection features to simplify design, enable greater system reliability and optimize the performance of high-voltage power supplies. With integrated <100-ns current limiting and overtemperature detection, the devices protect against unintended shoot-through events and prevent thermal runaway, while system interface signals enable a self-monitoring capability.

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Features of the LMG3410R050, LMG3410R070 and LMG3411R070 include:

Integrated GaN power stage doubles power density and reduces losses by 80 percent compared to silicon metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs). Each device is capable of 1-MHz switching frequencies and slew rates of up to 100 V/ns.


The portfolio is backed by 20 million hours of device reliability testing, including accelerated and in-application hard switch testing. Each device provides integrated thermal and high-speed, 100-ns overcurrent protection against shoot-through and short-circuit conditions.


The devices are available now in 8 mm x 8 mm split-pad, quad flat no-lead (QFN) packaging. The LMG3410R050, LMG3410R070 and LMG3411R070 are priced at $14.95, $16.45 and $16.45, respectively, each/1,000. Find out more, checkout the LMG3410R050, LMG3410R070 and LMG3411R070 datasheets.

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